Viral DNA/RNA Extraltion kit (Column)

Viral DNA/RNA Extraltion kit (Column)

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The DNA Purification Kit is used for the convenient, rapid and reliable extraction of free circulating DNA(CFC-DNA) from 1 mL to 4 mL plasma/serum. The purification method is based on centrifugal column chromatography and uses Sigma’s proprietary resin to separate the matrix. The kit can be used to isolate CFC-DNA of various sizes from fresh or frozen plasma/serum samples. In addition, the elution volume can be flexibly adjusted from 25 μl to 50 μl. The purified plasma/serum CFC-DNA will be eluted in an eluent to be compatible with any downstream applications, including PCR, real-time quantitative PCR, methylation sensitive PCR and Southern blot analysis, microarray and NGS.

Circulating DNA of various sizes can be isolated from plasma and serum samples
Viral and bacterial DNA can be isolated
Suitable for all kinds of plasma and serum starting sample size (1 mL~4 mL)
The elution volume can be adjusted flexibly in the range of 50 μL~100 μL to concentrate circulating DNA
Free circulating DNA containing no inhibitor can be isolated
High quality DNA can be purified in 40-45 minutes
Compatible with Streck Cell-Free DNA BCT Tubes


Southern imprinting
Methylation sensitive PCR
CpG array
Restriction enzyme digestion
Virus detection
Bacteria detection

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