Reagent Bottle

Reagent Bottle

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It is used for the storage, transportation and repackaging of various liquid reagents or powder raw materials. Most of the reagent bottles are made of polypropylene and have good sealing performance. The cap and body of the bottle are designed with interference fit to ensure a good sealing effect without gaskets. Plastic reagent bottles are mostly used for testing reagents (in vitro diagnostic reagents) and other liquid packaging.

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1.Choose the raw materials with good chemical tolerance, no biological toxicity, high temperature and high pressure sterilization can be realized.
2.The bottle mouth adopts leakproof design, no inner cap or inner washer, easy to realize leakproof.
3.The mouth of the bottle is designed with a wide mouth, which is easy to take the liquid and avoid the pollution of separation.
4.Easy to store and transport liquid and powder products.
5.Special bottle mouth design, cap spinning off industry, no inner pad, to prevent liquid leakage;
6.Sterile, reagent and solution can be bottled after long-term storage;
7.Can be long-term low temperature, frozen storage, the bottle does not crack.
8.For customers with special needs, we can also design and develop new bottle shapes and new molds for customers separately, and we can leave customers' invisible LOGO on the products.
9.The body of the bottle is made of high-density polyethylene, and the cap of the bottle is made of high-permeability polypropylene, which has good chemical resistance and can be sterilized by radiation.
10.Diagnostic reagent bottle can be used for ordinary water machine solution packaging, suitable for pH 5.5-9.0 range of packaging, is not suitable for strong reducing liquid packaging.

NO. Description Volume Cap Color Material Packing/Ctns
PC1068 reagent bottle 5ml Screw  White/Brown Polypropylene 2200
PC1069 reagent bottle 8ml Screw  White/Brown Polypropylene 2000
PC1070 reagent bottle 20ml Screw  White/Brown Polypropylene 1800
PC1071 reagent bottle 30ml Screw  White/Brown Polypropylene 800
PC1072 reagent bottle 60ml Screw  White/Brown Polypropylene 500

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